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How Commerce, Creator, & Consumer Brands Are Built

DTC POD is a podcast about all things direct to consumer. We cover everything for starting, growing, and optimizing eCommerce stores and DTC (or D2C) brands.

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Stefany Nieto is the Founder & COO of Gwella, a company focused on mushroom based products and content. Mojo by Gwella is the functional mushroom gummy, while Gwella serves as a content resource and guide to the world of psychedelics.

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Zawwar Khan is the founder of Rel Brands, where he helps creators and youtubers from 2-20 Million subscribers ideate, manufacture, and scale CPG brands. Previously, Zawwar co-led and launched new consumer products for billion dollar brands like Doritos, Cheetos, and Olay, featuring product launches taking place on the Grammys and Super Bowl stages with talents like Lil Nas X, Post Malone, Matthew McConaughey, and Mila Kunis.

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Anders Bill & Andy Cloyd are the founders of Superfiliate, the platform that powers personalized storefronts for social commerce. Previously Anders founded Darkroom, a digital storefront for fine art, and Andy as a Parter at Revolution, the VC firm founded by Steve Case.

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Megan O'Brien is the founder of Arch Insights, where she helps startups & SMBs take actionable consumer insights to market. She focuses on everything from concept testing and package design testing to brand health tracking and more. Prior to founding Arch, she worked as Flamingo's Business Ops & Strategy Lead (Harry’s Inc.). Megan also consulted for Bain & Company and graduated from Harvard Business School.

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Adam Xavier is the President of XG Formulations, a manufacturing and development company that produces consumer goods in the beauty industry and the company behind Actsyl – women’s hair growth products. Prior to his current role, Adam was the Co-Founder and CEO of Hilton Lifestyle Group, where he developed and brought Paris Hilton’s first-ever skincare line, ProD.N.A., to market in the US and abroad. Adam has over 18 years experience in product development, manufacturing, and distribution within the consumer goods and cosmetics.

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Jack Benzaquen is the Founder & CEO of Duradry, a company that provides solutions for excessive sweating. Prior to launching Duradry, Jack had more than 18 years of experience as an operator, angel, and advisor in DTC & CPG.

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Victoria Eisner is the co-founder of Glamsquad, the beauty services marketplace started in New York City in 2013 which offers in-home hair, makeup, and nail services in several locations in the United States, and has since grown to include products, and new service verticals. The service started as a marketplace connecting beauty professionals with customers looking for at home blow-outs and other services.

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Roy Rubin was the Co-founder and CEO of Magento. Launched in 2008, the open source Magento eCommerce platform has been embraced by developers and 250,000 merchants, transacting $100B+ annually. Magento was acquired by eBay, Inc. and later by Adobe Inc. He currently is a partner at R-Squared Ventures, a seed fund with over three dozen top entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs and investors as LPs - in Silicon Valley and Israel. Mainly focused on Fintech, Enterprise/SMB SaaS, Marketplaces and Digital Commerce.

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Dae Lim is the Founder & Creative Director of Sundae School, the Korean inspired streetwear brand that produces apparel, accessories, and cannabis products. Prior to launching Sundae School, Dae served as the Head of Growth at VFILES, after serving as an Analyst at McKinsey.

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Ben Tregoe is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bainbridge Growth - the financial modeling platform for e-commerce brands. He previously worked at Nanigans as a SVP Revenue, Business Development and Corporate Development. Ben Tregoe attended the University of Pennsylvania.

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DTC POD is a podcast about all things direct to consumer. We cover everything for starting, growing, and scaling world class businesses.

We talk with founders, marketers, platforms, creators, VCs, and ad agencies to cover topics like brand building, social strategy, influencer marketing, website conversion, paid media, Facebook ads, consumer trends, email marketing, business tactics & more.

If you're interested in how the best consumer & creator brands are built, DTC Pod is for you.

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The guests they bring on know their stuff, and I like that they get into the weeds on actionable advice. They also seem to delve into which metrics are important, how to improve them etc. the hosts also know their stuff! Highly recommend to those in the D2C space.

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Mark Holland

I’m a newbie in the DTC space. Almost every week this podcast has at least one guest or topic that helps me think about problems differently. Take advantage of the knowledge shared on this podcast.

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Monica Maxwell

The guests are amazing! Each episode covers a unique topic. Some will resonate with you more than others but the variety and depth of knowledge keeps me coming back. Keep up the good work guys.

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Susan Collier

Ramon and Blaine get the coolest guests on DTC POD! Every single episode has so many gems and if you’re a brand founder or in the DTC/CPG space at all- you need to be listening to this podcast. I feel like you’re leaving money on the table by not listening to it!

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Charles Powell