#322 - 8 Simple Frameworks to Grow a Massively Profitable Consumer Brand with Sabir Semerkant

May 17, 2024
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Guest Name:
Sabir Semerkant
Founder of GROWTH by SABIR
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Guest Bio
Sabir Semerkant is the Founder of GROWTH by SABIR.


Sabir Semerkant, founder of GROWTH by SABIR, brings a treasure trove of expertise from his background in scaling e-commerce businesses. As a seasoned expert in online retail, Sabir knows what truly drives conversions and customer loyalty.

In this episode of DTC Pod, Sabir shares ideas from his 8D method, a systematic approach that promises sustainable business growth. He covers brand building, tech optimization, strategic pricing, and more.


Our conversation with growth strategist Sabir Semerkant is filled with actionable insights on thriving in the e-commerce landscape.

Sabir’s approach to e-commerce growth is holistic. He emphasizes constant improvement and a strong understanding of one's business foundations. His advice invites brands to explore a growth path that's not reliant on temporary fixes but solidifies lasting customer relationships and strong business workflows.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get an expert’s take on fueling your strategy and growth.

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On this episode of DTC Pod, we cover:
1. Sabir Semerkant’s 8D Method
2. The Importance of Mobile Optimization
3. Key Dimensions for E-Commerce Success
4. Storytelling in Marketing
5. Customer Experience and Branding
6. The Importance of Customer Centricity
7. Value Creation and Strategic Pricing
8. E-Commerce Platform Optimization
9. Growth and Operational Strategies
10. Logistics and Fulfillment

10:48 Setting goals, improving KPIs every day by 1%
12:10 The Rapid 2X and Mastermind programs and the 8D Method
13:46 Consistent improvement vs. quick transient optimization dilemma
18:21 The importance of measuring all aspects of business for success
20:17 The risks of relying solely on paid advertising, the importance of building a brand
24:43 The dangers of discounting and how it could hurt a business
28:12 Storytelling in marketing, building an emotional connection with customers
32:32 Optimizing tech stack for attention span, earning audience engagement
37:44 Free tool for measuring site speed to improve performance and conversion
39:10 Mobile optimization and why it is important
42:25 Product positioning and brand building, paying attention to what customers care about
45:33 The importance of authenticity in branding
48:43 Putting customers at the center of a business, creating buyer personas
53:15 Strategic pricing, cultivating brand loyalty through content
01:00:11 Factors to consider when choosing the right tech stack
01:08:42 Choosing the right third-party logistics and operations partners
01:13:58 Finding and hiring the right people to help a business grow

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Sabir Semerkant - Founder of GROWTH by SABIR
Blaine Bolus - Co-Founder of Castmagic
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