[DTC POD Ep. 188] - Emily Miller, OffLimits: Using Web3 to Build A Counter Culture Cereal Brand

April 19, 2022
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Emily Elyse Miller
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Emily Elyse Miller is the founder of OffLimits, a counter-culture cereal brand. Emily is a creative at heart and before  OffLimits she executed multiple projects that combined her love of food, art, and trend forecasting. Some of these projects include publishing a cookbook Phaidon’s Breakfast: The Cookbook and hosting a global dining series with world-renowned chefs.


Emily Elyse Miller talks to Blaine & Ramon about building OffLimits and how her creative background has informed the brand. OffLimits is also one of the early adopters of Web3, and Emily dives into how they’re currently using NFTs, what excites her about Web3, challenges with Web3, and what other brands need to consider before jumping into this.

3:16 - 7:42 Emily’s Breakfast Club Series

8:06 - 10:46 Writing a Cookbook

12:48 - 14:25 Idea for OffLimits

15:33 - 17:35 Getting into Web3

21:06 - 21:52 Finding Your Day 1 Brand Champions

22:35 - 25:37 OffLimits Web3 Strategy

26:14 - 29:45 Tools Supporting Web3

30:17 - 33:58 Brands Considering Web3

38:53 - 41:09 OffLimit’s Cereal Toys

42:21 - 44:30 Supply Chain Issues

45:38 - 48:17 OffLimits Latest Web3 Project

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Emily Elyse Miller - Founder of Offlimits

Ramon Berrios - CEO of Trend.io

Blaine Bolus - COO of OmniPanel

Episode Transcript & Castmagic Chat

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Ramon Berrios
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Ramon has Co-Founded Trend. It is a curated marketplace of creators and brands. We help brands source high quality custom content. We love working with new, innovative companies that are changing the game.

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Blaine Bolus is the Co-Founder of OmniPanel, the first software platform connecting CX & Internal teams.OmniPanel, backed by top Silicon Valley VCs, is building software infrastructure that powers cross-functional work, in an industry projected to be a $641 Billion Market in 2022.